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Lorry Drivers: THINK! Cyclist when turning left'

17.10.16 – This is the simple idea behind a Government cycle safety campaign. They want to remind cyclists of the dangers of getting between a lorry and a left hand turn - the area where one third of collisions between cyclists and lorries happen.

The advice giving to cyclists is ‘Don’t get between a lorry and a left hand turn. Hang back’.

The campaign is also targeting HGV drivers, encouraging them to take the extra time to look out for cyclists.

HGVs present one of the largest dangers to cyclists on the road. In the last 5 years, 104 cyclists have been killed in accidents involving a HGV. Startlingly, this accounts for nearly 20% of all cycling fatalities.

Better mirrors, proximity sensors and blind spot cameras are making driving safer, but technology improvements will never replace the judgement and expertise of you – the driver – behind the wheel.

Simon Werkshagen, Managing Director at Somax, was recently approached by Global Cycling Network. With his extensive knowledge of driving and training HGV's, Simon was asked to assist in making a promotional video highlighting the dangers of cyclists on the road.

Watch Simon's sparkling performance here

We're not sure if Simon will be down for an 'OSCAR' this year but to date the video has had over 74,000 views on YouTube.