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MC finishes the week on a high!!

12/08/16 – Martyn (The Cave Man) finished the week on a high with two Cat C passes. Congratulations go to Rob Hawker of Bristol Waste and to Jordan Pederick of Nova Transport for passing their Cat C tests.

To celebrate another hard week, Martyn then teamed up with 'the Ferret' Dave Evans to take on the Kiffer and Rommel at Tall Pines Golf Club. Kiffer (Keith) was chopping at the ball like 'Hong Kong Phooey' and was certainly not 'faster than the human eye' arriving last at every tee even though he was driving a buggy! It was a close match with the scores level going up the 17th until the Kiffer chopped on the ball and what should have been 20 yards became 200 yards...!!

Well done to the candidates, we will keep Kiffer in the truck and not on the golf course!!

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