Testimonials - Student

Student Testimonial – PCV driver

“I have worked as a PCV driver in the Ground Transport Area at Bristol Airport for 11 years and during this time I have undertaken several courses with Bristol Airport’s driver training partner Somax.

As a PCV driver I am required to attend Driver CPC training every 5 years.  I have completed this twice with Somax and I found the training to be a real benefit to me.  The industry updates were particularly useful and it was also interesting to meet other drivers on the course.

Somax deliver a range of training for Bristol Airport. The other course I have completed is the Fuel Efficiency course which I found had a positive impact for my driving at the airport and also my own personal driving.

The staff at Somax are really friendly and knowledgeable and the class sizes are not too big, it is a great learning environment.”

Peter Tubb, PCV driver at Bristol Airport

Peter Tubb
Jack Williams, JDT Transport

Jack Williams completed his Level 2 Driving Goods Vehicle Apprenticeship in March 2016 with Somax. On completion of his training his employer JDT Transport offered him a full-time permanent job which was great.

Jack said: “The training with Somax was spot on, it was really helpful and they get you where you want to go.  I would recommend Somax 100% for training and I have already suggested to people from other companies to go there.

“By completing an Apprenticeship I have learnt a lot more than just the practical driving, the classroom sessions really helped me understand much more about the driving industry.

“The staff at Somax are really helpful, they treated us like adults and with respect which really made a difference.  They got everyone involved in the classroom sessions and I looked forward to them.”

Jack is planning to continue his training by doing the Class 1 Driver Training next.

Jack Williams
Sam Llewellyn, S Llewellyn

Sam has recently passed his C1E test at the first attempt (7.5 tonnes + trailer) at 21 years old which is a real achievement and this now completes his Driving Goods Vehicle Apprenticeship.  This allows Sam to drive vehicles up to 12.5 tonne gross weight. Throughout his training Sam maintained extremely high standards.

Sam said: ”The training with Somax was very interesting. The mix of practical and classroom-based learning really helped my all round understanding and knowledge of driving.  I am planning to do my Class 2 (rigid lorry training for vehicles over 7.5 tonne) as soon as I can save the money and then my Class 1 (articulated lorry) training.

“I would definitely recommend Somax, 100%, for driver training, they were first class; they run the business really well and their organisation was always top notch. I passed everything first time, they must be good! The trainers are very helpful and competent and prepared me really well for my test and they knew when I was ready for it.”

Steve Llewellyn, manager and owner of S Llewellyn said: “Somax is very good, our staff who have trained with Somax have really enjoyed it. I’m over the moon with the training Sam has received, I would recommend Somax to anyone for driver training, they have been perfect; simple, easy, no fuss and plenty of communication, brilliant.”

Sam Llewellyn
Paul Bowyer, Yeates Removals

Paul was employed at Yeates as a Porter and was given the opportunity by his employer to further his career by undertaking a Driving Goods Vehicle Apprenticeship with Somax. 

Paul said: “The training with Somax was really good and thorough. The staff were very knowledgeable and explained everything clearly. The classroom sessions were interactive, with great presentations and lots of opportunities to ask questions.

“As a result of completing my Apprenticeship my boss at Yeates Removals has given me more responsibility at work and I am driving larger lorries, it is great; I really enjoy my job. I would definitely recommend Somax, they are an excellent training provider.” Paul Bowyer, Apprentice.

James Griffin, Managing Director, Yeates Removals and Storage said: “Paul really enjoyed his Apprenticeship and he has come away with a thorough understanding of his role and what is expected of him as a professional driver. He is now a valuable member of our team which in turn has strengthened our business. We also received a grant which covered all our expenses!”

Paul Bowyer
Callum Matthews, Trailerman

“I started at Trailerman 2 years ago and successfully completed my Driving Goods Vehicle Apprenticeship in December 2015 with Somax.  My employer then offered me full-time job as a Trailer Mechanic and I love it.

“I am starting my Class 1 driver training next week (June 2016) and I am really looking forward to it.

At school I used to hate the classroom sessions but at Somax I really enjoyed them. I enjoyed doing my Apprenticeship and I found the training really beneficial. The staff at Somax really help you understand the subject, they provide all the support you need to ensure you successfully pass your qualification.  I would definitely recommend Somax they really helped me with my training and when I was revising for my tests.”

Rob Thomas, Managing Director at Trailerman said: “Callum got a tremendous amount from his Apprenticeship training with Somax.  He has become a more competent driver and his knowledge of the driving industry has really developed.  He is a great asset to our team and I would not hesitate to recommend anyone considering driver training to contact Somax. The staff are really knowledgeable and they really care about the training service they provide to employers.  They are also very effective at finding funding to cover the cost of the training. They certainly fulfil all our training needs.

Callum Matthews